Over the past few lessons I’ve told you about Pillar #1 & #2 of portrait drawing. In this lesson, we will cover Pillar #3: Capturing The Likeness Of The Portrait. 

Pillar #3 is all about getting all the subtle details of your portrait right so that when some one looks at your portrait, he/she will instantly recognize who you drew.

Now the shading and drawing techniques that I’ve showed you in the previous lessons will help you to make your drawing much more accurate. And that alone will capture the likeness to some degree and make your portrait more recognizable.

But in order to take your drawing to the next level, you need to pay attention the the subtle details of the subject as you are drawing. These are the little details that gives a person’s face its character.

This aspect of portrait drawing is not encompassed by a single technique. Rather it is more of a process and a skill. The more you draw, the better you will get at it.

But I will do my best to point out the important details to you and tell you what you should pay attention to. So with that said, let’s begin today’s video where I will show you how to draw eyebrows:

So as you can see, drawing the eye brow is actually not all that difficult when you use the right technique. Try it for yourself.

In tomorrow’s lesson, we’ll cover how to draw the iris, which will really going to make your drawing come to life. I’ll show you how to shade the iris so that it look as if it is “shining”… so be sure to tune in.

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