OK, so in the last lesson we learned about the 1st Pillar of realistic portrait drawing: Realistic Shading. And we also learned about the 5 Elements of Shading and the Gradual Blending technique.

(Note, this is lesson #3, so if you haven’t seen lesson #1 and lesson #2, go do it now)

In this video, you’ll learn about the most important shape in portrait drawing. We’ll also take the concepts that we learned yesterday, and apply it to drawing this shape.

This is very important foundational skills we are building, so please pay close attention and draw along.

Now it’s your turn to try drawing the sphere for yourself. Just refer back to this video if you need any help.

Here’s a picture of the sphere for reference:

Click to enlarge

Knowing how to draw a sphere realistically will take you very far toward being able to draw a portrait so make sure you practice it. It will make everything we are going to do in the future a lot easier.

In tomorrow’s lesson, we’ll dive into some actual portrait drawing! I’ll reveal to you the 2nd Pillar of Portrait Drawing and show you a super cool technique for drawing any portrait photographs.

If you struggle with keeping your portrait in proportion and your drawing accurate, then you definitely don’t want to miss the next lesson. So be sure to look for tomorrow’s email.


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