Hey, welcome back!

Remember the 3 Pillars of Portrait Drawing that I mentioned yesterday? (If you haven’t seen the first video in this series, you should go watch it here & and then come back to this page. Things will make more sense. )

Well, in today’s video, I’m going to cover Pillar #1: Realistic Shading. Shading is one of the most important thing in portrait drawing but most people get it wrong.

See, there are many styles of shading out there, but if you want to draw truly realistic portrait, you need a very specific way of shading. It’s called Gradual Blending.

This video will teach you what it is and how to apply it:

The shading technique I just showed you is very powerful and it is one of the big reason why The Blended Pencil Method is so effective.

If you are currently struggling with making your portrait look realistic, you’ll see a big difference once you apply the Gradual Blending technique. It is the foundation for the method, so be sure to learn it well.

Now just practice drawing a gradual blending bar so you’ll be ready for tomorrow’s lesson. I’ll tell you about the most important shape in portrait drawing.

And I’ll show you how to take the concepts that we’ve learned to day and use it to draw a realistic 3D object.

It’ll be fun!


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