In this video I’m going to show you how to draw Megan Fox.  I choose a reference picture with good quality.  It’s important that you can clearly see the subjects features so you’ll be able to draw them with more likeness.

Let’s start to sketch the face shape.  Do this very light so that you can erase mistakes with ease.

So when you’ve done that just put your pencil up in front of you like this and compare that angle on your drawing.  It’s a little off.

We’re just going to make it a little darker in the chin.  Yep, so that’s good.  Let’s do the neck.  It is a little curved so you kind of have to eye it as well. That’s why you should sketch really light so you can erase it and it won’t leave marks after you erase.

Okay, now for the hair.  This part right here…  I’m not going to do that dark because after I draw the facial features I might want to change this a little; bring it in or move it outwards.

And the outer part of the hair I can leave – I can do that later, that’s not really important right now.

Okay, so now that we have the face shape we are going to start adding in the facial features so I’m going to start with the eyes.

Let’s look at the angle of her eyes.  I’m just going to sketch a really light line across her face like that.  That’s about right and align down this way vertically.  Let’s check that.

Okay, so I’m going to draw the bridge of her nose starting from here just really light and let’s check that; the angle is correct.  I’m not going to draw the tip of her nose just yet or the nostrils.  I’m going to move on to the eyes or the eyebrows.

Again, very light and just keep checking the angles.  The angle of that eyebrow and match it up with your drawing.  Let’s do the other one.  So I know that roughly the distance between each eye is an eye; one eye.

Just get the basic shape down just to check if it’s right.  I’m going to draw the base of her nose now.  Measure with the tip of your pencil; one, two, three – it’s a little less than three eyes down, probably two eyes and a half.

So, one, two, three and make a mark right here so that’s where the base of her nose should be roughly.

And if you draw a line down this way that’s where her nostril should be and down this way.  Make sure you’re parallel with the middle line.

So this is the base line.  The angle of the nose you’re going to want to check that.  That’s about right and then her lips.  I’m going to measure from here to let’s say the corner of her eye so let’s measure the other corner of her eye.

So the corner of her lip should be about here.  Let’s do that again.  Now you’re going to eye the distance of her upper lip to her nose and go from the corner of her lips from this one to this one.

And, again, just do this very light.  It’s going to be a pain if you have to erase it and it’s going to leave a lot of marks on the paper as well.  I’m going to just eye out the bottom of her lip.

So now that we’ve done the sketch the next step is to add details and that is going to be in the next video so stay tuned for Part 2 and other videos on how to draw.

Thanks for watching!