How To Draw Realistic People – The One Thing You Need To Know

In order to know how to draw realistic people, you need to have a good knowledge of human anatomy. Yet many artists today still hang on to the myth that good figure drawing does not involve studying anatomy. Perhaps the reason so many artists feel this way is because they never saw first hand what…

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dynamic figure drawing

How To Draw A Human Figure [2/2] – Drawing Body Figures In Different Poses

In today’s lesson, we are going to cover the second part of how to draw the human figure from imagination. If you haven’t watched part one yet, you can do that now by click the link below… Drawing A Figure From Imagination – Part 1 In this video, we’ll pick up where we left off…

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figure drawing poses

How To Draw A Human Figure [1/2] – Drawing The Human Figure From Your Mind

Hello and today we are going to learn how to draw the human figure from imagination. We’re going to start out by drawing a simple human stick figure. When trying to draw a figure from your mind, it is very helpful to first draw a simple stick figure that you can build on. It is…

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drawing shoes

How To Draw Shoes and Feet – Drawing Male and Female Shoes

Today we’re going to learn how to draw feet wearing shoes.One of the challenge of drawing shoes is that the shoes are pointing almost directly at you and that makes it a difficult shape to draw from memory. So that’s what we’re going to be studying today. We’ll cover how to draw both male and…

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guesture drawing

How To Use Gesture Drawing To Become A Better Artist In 60 Seconds

Use Gesture Drawing To Free Up Your Creativity One of the biggest problem that’s holding a lot of artist back is the tendency to over think a drawing project. I’m sure you’ve been there before. You stare at a picture forever not knowing where to begin and when you do finally start drawing, you agonize…

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feet drawings

How To Draw A Foot – Simplified Approach To Drawing Feet

Today we’re going to take a look at how to draw feet. And feet are one of those things that people think are just incredibly hard to draw. And sometime I’ll see artists try to hide the feet by drawing different objects in front of it, just so they can avoid drawing the actual feet.…

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ipaintgirls review

Drawing Book Review – IPaintGirls Founder Neil Fontaine Reviews “Shortcut Secrets of Figure Drawing” Ebook

Neil Fontaine, art teacher and founder of, recently did a video review of the “Shortcut Secrets of Figure Drawing” ebook. In this video, Neil does a great job of giving you a tour of the book, showing you exactly what’s inside. And he also talks about how to use it to greatly improve your…

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Drawing Hands – 5 Critical Things To Keep In Mind

Drawing Hands – Quick Tips And Advices For many artists (myself included) drawing hands can be the most challenging aspect of figure drawing. The hand is an extremely complex area and drawing it is a subject of study all by itself. There are many great books devoted to this topic and I highly recommend that…

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figure drawing classes

Figure Drawing Lesson Series [8 of 8] – Secrets Of Figure Drawing

Click Here To Get Your “Secrets of Figure Drawing” Home Study Course  Hi and welcome back to the 8th and finally video in our lesson series on how to draw the human figure. Before we continue, let’s do a quick recap of everything we’ve covered so far. The idea for this lesson series started after…

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realistic shading techniques

Figure Drawing Lesson Series [7 of 8] – Drawing And Shading – Shading Techniques With Pencil

Hello and welcome back to the 7th video in this tutorial series on how to draw the human figure. By the way, if you missed any of the previous videos, you can just click below to watch them now… Lesson 1: The Figure Drawing Success Formula Lesson 2: Drawing Human Proportions Lesson 3: Fundamentals Of…

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