Hey and welcome back. This is the 5th video in our lesson series on figure drawing.

In the last lessons, we covered basic human proportions and how to use perspective to draw a figure in 3/4 view.

If you missed those lessons, you can click below to watch them now…

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Lesson 4: Drawing The Figure In Perspective


So in this lesson, we are going to cover how to draw the manikin (or mannequin) figure.

The manikin is an important step in our figure drawing success formula because it’s the transitional piece between a stick figure and a fully fleshed out human figure.

When drawing the manikin, you simplify the human body into simple 3D shapes.

This will make it much easier for you to practice working with the figure as a three dimensional form.

It also allows you to practice drawing the figure in different poses and stances.

Mastering this step will of course take time and practice. But once you become comfortable with this, it’s an easy transition to apply some anatomical details to the manikin (or mannequin) and turning it into a realistic figure.

So to get your started, my co-instructor Michael, will show you step-by-step how to construct a manikin figure.

So let’s go over to the drawing table and begin…


So that’s how you construct a manikin (or mannequin) figure.

Now your homework for today is to practice drawing this manikin until you become comfortable with it.

And for extra credit, you can also practice drawing this manikin in different poses or angles.

Just be creative and do what you can.

You might want to start of slow and just drawing the manikin with the arms slightly raised.

Then try to put the it in a few different poses. And after that, try applying some of the things we learned about perspective to draw the manikin in different angles.

Just have fun it with and – most importantly – do get discourage if you don’t get it right away.

Manikin drawing can be tricking and there are a lot more to this topic that we couldn’t cover in today’s video.

But this simple exercise should be enough to get you started.

Now in tomorrow’s video, we’re going to learn how to add some anatomy to our manikin and really make it look realistic!

If you struggles with making your figure drawings look real, than you definitely want to tune in for tomorrow’s lesson.

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