Hi and welcome back to the 4th video in our lesson series on how to draw the human figure.

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Lesson 1 – The Figure Drawing Success Formula

Lesson 2 – Drawing Human Proportions

Lesson 3 – How To Draw Perspective (As It Applies To Figure Drawing)

So just as a quick recap, in the last videos we covered the basics of human proportion and constructed a stick figure from scratch. Then we took a crash course in perspective and you draw your first 3D object in perspective.

In this video, we’re going to pick up from there and applied what we’ve learned so far to drawing a human figure in perspective.

I’m going to show you step-by-step how to draw a complete human figure in 3/4 view.

So, let’s go over to the drawing table and get started!


Congratulation! You just draw a complete figure in 3/4 view that followed all the rules of perspective.

Now just practice this exercise a few more times and before you know, all this will become second nature to you.

So far, we’ve covered 2 huge parts of the figure drawing success formula – proportion and perspective.

In tomorrow’s lesson, we’ll cover the next element in the formula, which is… how to draw the manikin.

We’ll learn how to fill in our stick figure to make it look fuller and move one step closer to draw a realistic figure.

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