Congratulation on making it to the final lessons in this series on how to draw short hair.

(If you haven’t seen the previous tutorials yet, you can watch them here: Lesson #1 and Lesson #2)

In this final lesson, we are going to put the final touches on our drawing by using the tortillon to blending the shading and using the kneaded eraser to put in highlights.

Once again, I encourage you to draw along.

Here’s the reference photo and also the scan of the finished drawing so you can compare.

How To Draw Short Hair [Lesson 3 of 3]

This lesson is just a small sample from the Hair Drawing module in my Realistic Portrait Drawing course.

Inside I cover step-by-step how to draw many different types of hair including…

  • blonde hair
  • facial hair
  • braided hair
  • baby hair
  • and much more

And of course the Hair Drawing module is just ONE section of the entire course. The course itself will go over every other aspect of how to draw a complete realistic portrait.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw hair.

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