One of the most popular tutorial request I’ve received was for a training on how to draw the head from any angles other than just the typical straight forward view.

So I decided to have a special course created that teaches you just that. It’s a video course called “How To Draw The Head From Any Angle” and you can get it as a FREE bonus when you enroll in my Realistic Portrait Drawing course.

You can get more detail about it here:

FREE Bonus – “How To Draw The Head From Any Angle”

In the mean time, I wanted to give you a little sample of what’s in this bonus.

In this short lesson, you’ll learn how to construct the head from scratch and draw it in 3/4 view.

We will simplify the head into it’s core components so that you can get a sense of how it changes as the angle is changed. You’ll also see how perspective affects the appearance of the head as it rotates.

How To Draw The Head In 3/4 View

Again, this is just a small sample of what’s inside the actually bonus.


Inside, you’ll discover how to draw the head in profile view, tilted view, and front view. We’ll also explore how to draw the head when it is looking up and down in those various angles.

Then we’ll dive in and discuss how to draw all the facial features from different angles.

You’ll be able to watch everything step-by-step and draw along yourself.

This bonus is worth $47 by itself.

But today, you can get it as a FREE bonus, just for trying my Realistic Portrait Drawing course.

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In the next lesson, we will continue with this drawing and learn how to fill in the different features. I’ll be sending it to you via email so be sure to watch your inbox.

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