So once again, I was going over the comments section and I saw this comment from one of our subscriber – Puja:

“Hello Ethan, my problem is the drawing, i cannot draw, i know how to shade… but to draw… what tip can you give to me for this…??”

Glad you asked, Puja!

As a beginner it can be very scary to stare at a blank piece of paper and try to draw a whole drawing. Most of the time you just feel frustrated and want to give up.

In this drawing for beginners video, I want to give you a few simple drawing exercises that any beginner can do to help develop your hand dexterity and drawing ability.

Think of them as training wheels – much like push-ups and jumping ropes is to a boxer – they will help develop your skills without making you frustrated… so that one day, you can drawing the complex masterpiece of your dream.

You can do these exercise as a warm up before you drawing… or as a daily training routine.

It’s up to you!

Simple Drawing Exercise To Help Develop Your Skills

If you like these drawing exercises, then you’ll really love my “Beginner’s Fast Start Guide” ebook.

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We’ll go over…

  • Basic materials that you need for drawing and what you should look for
  • More easy-to-do drawing exercises to help you hone your skills… without being frustrated
  • Different types of shading techniques and what you should use them for
  • Common vocabulary & concepts finally explained! (Ever been watching a tutorial and hear a word you didn’t understand? Are there some basic drawing concepts that just confuses you? It’s all inside!)
  • And a whole lot more!

If you are just starting out or been out of the game for a while and is a little rusty… this is the perfect jump start for you.

It will get any beginners into “fighting shape” as quickly as possible… so you can start having fun with drawing.

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