So I was just going over the comments (I read every single one of them) and I saw a request for a tutorial on how to draw realistic wrinkles.

It came from Bobbie – “shading is my hardest, and how to put wrinkles that don’t just look like lines”

So, I’ve created this tutorial for you (and Bobbie 🙂 ) on how to draw the wrinkles under the eye.

In this video, my co-instructor Michael will go over some tips and techniques for drawing the wrinkles and then he will demonstrate it by showing you the drawing process.

I’ve had to speed up some part of the video in order to keep the running time from getting too long. But you’ll still be able to see the whole process happening from start to finish.

We will be using a 2B and 4B pencil for this drawing (Michael will talk more about that in the video).

Drawing The Wrinkles Under The Eye

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