Sometime in perspective drawing, you may need to find the center of an object. For example, if you are drawing a door and you wanted to draw a knocker that is placed at the center of the door.

Or if you wanted to draw a bow on a Christmas present and you wanted to make it centered

Now, of course, one way to do this is to simple use a ruler to help you find the center. However, this method won’t work if the object is seen in perspective.

Finding The Perspective Center

So in this video, I’m going to show you a very simple technique called, “The Diagonal Method” that will help you find the perspective center of any object.

This technique will work on any square or rectangular shaped object.

All you have to do is draw diagonal lines connecting each corner of the shape. This will form an “X” with in the shape and the point where those two lines intersect will be the perspective center.

The best part is, this method will work to find the perspective center, no matter what angle the object is view in. Even in the most extreme angles where the shape is highly distorted by perspective, this simple technique will still work.

This is a very, very useful trick and we will be using to accomplish many things in future lessons.

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