Perspective is basically the art of creating the illusion of depth in 2D drawings or paintings.

So in this lesson, we are going to go over several simple methods that you can use to create depth in your art works.

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Methods of Creating Depth In Your Drawings

Overlap – This is a very easy way to create the illusion of depth. You simply draw one object on top of the other in order to show that one is closer than the other.

A drawing with a good number of overlapping objects will automatically have a good sense dimension to it.

Object Placement – This principle states that when an object is place higher up on the paper, it will appear to be further away than if it was placed lower on the paper. This is due to the fact that our brains are conditioned to see this way.

So take advantage of this fact to plane the composition of your drawings or paintings.

Arial Perspective or Atmospheric Perspective – When an object is very far away, it will appear to be much less vivid in details than if it was closer. Also, the color of the object will also become more faded and appear more blue.

This is due to the fact that there are tiny particles in the air that prevents the light from that object to reach our eyes.When the distance between the object and our eyes is not very much, this effect is not noticeable. But the further away the object gets, the more pronounced it becomes.

This is a very effective way of creating depth and is very useful to landscape painters.

Size Variation – As something gets further away, it will appear smaller and smaller. Therefore, if you want to add depth to your drawing, all you have to do is vary the size of the objects in your drawing.

Liner Perspective – And lastly we have liner perspective. This is the art of manipulating the lines of your drawing in order to create the illusion of depth. We will talk more about this in future lessons.

These methods are pretty simple but I hope they gave you a good idea of how perspective can work to make your art more realistic.

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I hope you enjoy this perspective drawing lesson.

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