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Lesson Details

Step 1 – Draw A Simple Heart

The first step to draw an impossible heart is to draw a simple heart shape. Now you can draw your heart free-hand, but here’s a simple way to draw a perfectly symmetrical heart.

Mark two dots on your paper. Then use a compass and pivot on these dots to create 2 overlapping semi-circles. These will be the top part of your heart.

Impossible heart 1

Now we will just extend this to complete the heart. To help keep things symmetrical, draw a vertical line down the middle as a guideline. Now just draw in the rest of the heart. And let’s erase these extra lines.

Impossible heart 2

Next, we will draw another smaller heart inside this one.

To do this, set your compass to the same width as the distance from the center line to one of the dots…

Impossible heart 3

…and pivot off the same 2 dots to create 2 touching semi-circles.

Impossible heart 4

Now just extend this shape to form the small heart. And let’s clean up these guidelines as we won’t need them anymore.

Impossible heart 5

Step 2 – Connect The Curves

Now, you’ll want to connect this point of the heart with this point using a curve. You’ll want to position the curve so that it’s roughly centered within the heart.

Impossible heart 6

Then go to this point of contact between the curve and the heart…

Impossible heart 7

…and draw a horizontal line across. And then erase the tip.

Impossible heart 8

Next, draw another curve to connect these two points.

Impossible heart 9

Impossible heart 10

And once again, go to the point of contact…

Impossible heart 11

…and draw a horizontal line. And then erase the tip.

Impossible heart 12

The next step is to extend this line until it’s half-way into the heart…

Impossible heart 13

…and draw a curve connecting the end of that line to this point.

Impossible heart 14

Impossible heart 15

Then extend this line in the same way…

Impossible heart 16

…and connect it to this point using a curve.

Impossible heart 17

Step 3 – Add Shading

And lastly, let’s use a 2B & 4B pencil to add a gradation in all the corners of the impossible heart.

Impossible Heart Final Drawing

And we’re all done!