Adding shadows to the objects in your perspective drawing is a great way to make it look realistic. So in this lesson, we are going to learn how to draw shadows in perspective

For detail instructs on how to draw shadows, please refer to the video above.

How to draw shadows in perspective

Here’s a quick summary off the shadow drawing process:

Step 1: Draw your objects

Step 2: Determined the location of the light source

Step 3: Locate the shadow vanishing point. (The shadow vanishing points will be vertically aligned with the light source)

Step 4: Draw a line from the light source through each of the top outer corner of your object (be sure to extend the line pass the corners)

Step 5: Draw a line from the shadow vanishing point to each of the respective bottom outer corner of the object (be sure to extend the line pass the corners)

Step 6: The points where the top and bottom line intersect will be a corner of your shadow. Connect the points together to form the shadow shape and shade it in.

And that’s how you draw a shadow in perspective for a simple object.

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