Welcome to MyDrawingTutorials.com!

This site was started my me (Ethan) because I love drawing and wanted to share this passion with the world.

It originally started with me posting tutorials on how to draw different things on this blog just to share my thoughts and knowledge with other.

Soon traffic to the site began to spread by word of mouth and today My Drawing Tutorials is a great thriving community of artists who are here to share ideas and help each other out.

My Drawing Tutorials is all about providing great, actionable, easy-to-follow drawing lessons for anyone who wants to learn.

All of the lessons posted on the site is free for everyone and I am proud to say that you can get a great art education from just the free tutorials alone.

But for those who wish to go improve quicker and go more advanced, we do offer premium paid courses on various topics. The revenue from the sale of these course goes towards supporting the site and allowing me to continue to provide helpful free content to everyone here.

If you’ve purchase a course from this site before, please allow me to say, “THANK YOU!” I am extremely grateful for your support! You rock!

Anyway, please enjoy all the content on this site and be sure to share your thoughts and ideas by leaving a comment.

I might not be able to reply to every comment, but I assure you, I read (and appreciate) EVERY SINGLE ONE :-)