Linear Perspective Drawing Lesson Series [4 of 6] – How To Draw One Point Perspective

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Hi and welcome back to the fourth lesson in this series on how to draw perspective.

Just as a quick recap, in the previous lessons, we cover what one point perspective is and how it works.

If you missed those lessons, be sure to click on the link below to watch them now:

Perspective Lesson 1 – Introduction To  Drawing Perspective

Perspective Lesson 2 – Elements of A Perspective Drawing

Perspective Lesson 3 – How One Point Perspective Works

So in today’s lesson, we are going to go through a drawing exercise for one point perspective, so you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned so far in an actually illustration.

We will be drawing this illustration here:

One Point Perspective Drawing Exercise

And it’s basically just a number of cubes drawing in one point at different orientations.

(For more information on the drawing exercise itself, please watch the video above)

In tomorrow’s video, we are going to begin working on a more complex perspective illustration. We will go through step by step how to construct an entire room in perspective.

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So that’s it for today’s drawing exercise.

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  • Greg Munro

    Reply Reply June 1, 2014

    thank you, for the easy to follow instructions. I have heard the same thing described, but it was way more complicated ( I think the person wanted to sound smart- but I think all the theory and BiG words ruined it). I really enjoy the way you broke it down to it’s easiest level ( having the skill to present something in a simplistic manner, is a true sign of intelligence ) . I have never had formal lessons, every thing I have drawn, is based on what I see and not theory . However, I understand the concept much better now. I have been attempting to draw some scenes from our local hospital, because there is lots of straight lines and weird angles… I have been loving the complexity of all the lines and he different texture between glass, slate, granite, wood, and metal. There are straight lines, large pillars, big windows, patterns in the floors, lots of day light or dimmer lights at night, with shadows every where. Your lessons on perspective has made it much easier for the old man to get it right, with out banging my head against the wall. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talent

  • S K Bhandari

    Reply Reply December 1, 2013

    I am 72 and never did any drawing after school. Your toutorials are very easy to understand and I am sure to come out as an person who could do som art work. Thanks and keep it up.

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