How To Draw The Wrinkles Under The Eye

So I was just going over the comments (I read every single one of them) and I saw a request for a tutorial on how to draw realistic wrinkles. It came from Bobbie – “shading is my hardest, and how to put wrinkles that don’t just look like lines” So, I’ve created this tutorial for…

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Drawing Teeth

Drawing Teeth That Look Like They’re Shinning!

Drawing teeth and be really tricky and a lot of beginners struggle with this. Many make the lines between the teeth too dark which just ends up making them look really weird. Also, another common mistake is to leave the teeth white, without shading it in. Turns out, if you want to make your teeth…

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How To Draw Realistic Lips Step-By-Step

I’ve been getting some request for a tutorial on how to draw lips. It seems a lot of people really struggle with adding texture to their lips to make it look realistic. So I searched inside my Realistic Portrait Drawing course and put together this sample lesson for you. It will show you how to…

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Portrait Drawing Technique

Secret To Making Your Portrait More Realistic – Hard Edge vs Soft Edge

I was looking through my “How To Draw Realistic Portrait From Photographs” course and I found this video that I think you’d really like. It explains the difference between a “hard edge” and a “soft edge”. This is a big secret to realistic drawing. If you are a beginner who find that your portrait just…

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Drawing exercise

Easy Drawing Exercises For Beginners

So once again, I was going over the comments section and I saw this comment from one of our subscriber – Puja: “Hello Ethan, my problem is the drawing, i cannot draw, i know how to shade… but to draw… what tip can you give to me for this…??” Glad you asked, Puja! As a…

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Drawing the Head 2

How To Draw The Head In 3/4 View – Adding The Features

So now that you’ve learned how to construct a simplified version of the head in 3/4 view, it’s time to start adding the features to that head. If you haven’t seen Part 1 of this lesson yet, go here: How To Draw The Head In 3/4 View – Constructing The Head In this lesson, you’re…

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Drawing the Head 1

How To Draw The Head From Any Angle [3/4 View] – Constructing The Head

One of the most popular tutorial request I’ve received was for a training on how to draw the head from any angles other than just the typical straight forward view. So I decided to have a special course created that teaches you just that. It’s a video course called “How To Draw The Head From…

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How To Draw Blonde Hair

Drawing realistic hair can be hard enough. But drawing blonde hair is especially tough. Blonde (or light color) hair can sometime look like it’s shinning in the light and it hard to create that effect with just black and white pencil shading. So how are you suppose to create the effect of blonde shiny hair…

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Drawing Short Hair 3

How To Draw Short Hair [Lesson 3 of 3]

Congratulation on making it to the final lessons in this series on how to draw short hair. (If you haven’t seen the previous tutorials yet, you can watch them here: Lesson #1 and Lesson #2) In this final lesson, we are going to put the final touches on our drawing by using the tortillon to…

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Drawing Short Hair 2

How To Draw Short Hair [Lesson 2 of 3]

Hey, welcome back! In today’s lesson, we are going to continue drawing the short male hair that we started in the last one. (If you haven’t seen the previous lesson in this series, click here to watch it.) In this video, we are going to draw the section of really short hair in the back…

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