Today we’re going to learn how to draw feet wearing shoes.drawing shoesOne of the challenge of drawing shoes is that the shoes are pointing almost directly at you and that makes it a difficult shape to draw from memory.

So that’s what we’re going to be studying today.

We’ll cover how to draw both male and female shoes.

Let’s start with the female shoes.

We’ll start by drawing a “tear drop” shape to form the main portion of the shoes. This is a bit difficult to describe so please refer to the video above and draw along.

The curves and shapes of the shoes and angles can be very subtle. So feel free to play around with it, erasing and re-drawing, until you get it right. It will take some practice and adjustments but you’ll get it soon enough.

Just as a quick side note, these feet are actually drawn slightly smaller than actually human feet would be. This is just a stylistic choice and if you prefer to draw more realistic feet, you can choice to draw the feet a little bigger.

Now let’s move on to the male character’s feet and shoes.

For this one, we’ll draw the feet in a slightly different pose where the feet are pointing slight out to the sides. Again, there’s going to be a lot of subtle details, so please refer to the video and draw along.

And for those who are wondering, the shading for the male shoes is down with a Black Prismacolor pencil available at almost any art supply store.

So I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw shoes.

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Thank you for visiting the site and going through this lesson. Good luck with you drawing and I’ll see you next time!