Today we’re going to take a look at how to draw feet. And feet are one of those things that people think are just incredibly hard to draw.

And sometime I’ll see artists try to hide the feet by drawing different objects in front of it, just so they can avoid drawing the actual feet.

feet drawingsBut drawing the feet is really just like drawing anything else. You just break it down into simple shapes, you draw the shapes, and then all the smaller details will just fall into line.

So in this video, you’re going to see how to draw the foot in 3 different positions.

We’ll start out by drawing a simple wedge shape (this is going to be the “meat” part of the foot) and then build on that with smaller details to create the entire foot.

Watch the video carefully and draw along!

So drawing feet doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to be familiar with how the foot is constructed using simple shapes and put all the pieces together.

Unlike the hands or legs that can be put in all sorts of different positions, the foot generally doesn’t change all that much. So once you learn how to deal with drawing the foot from different angles, you’ve come a long way to mastering drawing feet.

And once you learn how to draw the bare feet, you’ll be able to draw shoes as well very easily. Shoes are actually much easier to draw than feet because it’s basically just one big shape.

People are really scared of drawing feet just because they have it in their mind that it must be difficult. But hopefully these quick sketches have shown you that drawing feet can be very simple, easy, and even fun!

Now I know we gone through the subject rather quickly in this video. And that’s because I wanted to give you a good overview of how to draw feet.

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I hope you liked this lesson and that it helped you overcome any fear of drawing feet.

Good luck practicing and I’ll see you next time!