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Why Is Perspective So Important?

As you probably already know, knowing how to draw perspective is an absolutely essential requirement for any serious artist.

It doesn’t matter if you are into oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, figure drawing or landscape drawing…you need to know how to work with perspective if you ever want to make your work realistic and beautiful.

Because perspective is basically the art of making 2 dimensional drawings look 3 dimensional, it is essential in any art form.

For example, if you wanted to painting scene in watercolor, you would need to understand perspective in order to give your drawing depth. You’d need to know how to angle your lines and brush strokes in order to give the illusion that certain objects are further away than others.

Without perspective, your painting or drawing is simply lifeless and boring. 

This is true even if you are drawing figures or portraits. Unless you always want to draw your figures and portraits from a static front angle (which is of course, very boring), you need to know how perspective work so you can make your drawings more dynamic.

That’s why I spent months meticulously breaking down the subject and created a very beginner-friendly course on perspective.

Perspective Fundamentals Made Simple”

Perspective Made Simple (Reduced Size)